Commercial Finance

Commercial Finance

Running a business is not always easy. We can help with that. We view your business from a 360 degree holistic approach to look at all your financial needs.

From cash-flow through to asset finance and commercial acquisitions.

The S3F Group has specific industry experience and expertise to assist with a range of industries including the medical industry to professional services and a wide range of SME financial needs.

Some areas we can assist with are:

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    Commercial Property
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Specialised Securities
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Working Capital Finance
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Cash Flow Lending
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Invoice finance
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Trade Finance
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Specialised Equipment (forklifts, excavators, truck & trailer, etc)
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Fit Outs
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Equipment for Dentist, Pharmacist, Optometrist, and Radiology

Business Finance


We can assist with structuring financing solutions for your business.

If you are looking to finance a commercial property or a business purchase, call us to find out how we can help

There is a range of interest rate options including:

Fixed rate

for loans with terms of between one and seven years. Offers the security of fixed payments and security from upward rate movements.

The fixed rate is residentially secured with interest rates linked to the home loan interest rates and terms of between one and five years.

Variable rate

provides the flexibility to make and redraw funds paid in addition to the minimum loan repayments. This rate benefits from any downward movements in interest rates.

There is the flexibility to:

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    Switch from fixed to variable rate at the end of a fixed rate period
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    Switch to a fixed rate at any time from variable rate
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Make interest only or interest and principal repayments
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Select loan terms from one to 30 years

Commercial Property

S3F Group has specific industry experience and expertise to assist with a range of property developments from industrial and commercial to residential and recreational

Some areas we can assist with are:

Depending on the development, we can typically arrange a development loan for up to 70% of the gross value of the property, and sometimes up to 100% of the total development cost (depending on the strength of the development).

Business acquisition

Cash flow funding is a facility to provide your business with funding outstanding invoices. This facility gives quick access to the proceeds of approved credit sales, often within 24 hours of processing the invoices. Short term funding is also available by offering the equity in property without any need to refinance the property.
This service is ideal for financing the needs of well managed and financially sound businesses. It is fully confidential with all existing collection and customer relationship functions retained by the business.


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    Removes the need to offer discounts to customers for early settlement of accounts
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Generates significant profits from potentially accessing supplier discounts for early payment
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Accelerates cash flow by receiving payments sooner and making more effective use of available working capital

What we do when we review a business for you:

  • We will normally get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Utilise our years of specialising in Business Lending experience so see if the business will meet banks benchmarks requirements and your needs
  • Understand the business and area, check competition, not always accurately listed in the profile!
  • Review financials provided usually 2-3 years’ worth and look at the trends (on key areas, Sales, GP, rent & wages) and provide you questions to ask the broker for further details
  • Review wage structures and see how it compares to historical wage figures and if appropriate going forward
  • Review script numbers if provided
  • Work out an expected valuation amount of the business
  • Compare asking price to expected valuation and provide advice on amount you should offer for the business and how much you will need contribute from your own funds.  I also take into account your purchase costs into the business.
  • Advise if you should make an offer on the business or let it pass, if recommend against will detail why I have recommended accordingly.
  • Detail the pros and cons of the business.
  • If you should pursue the business the questions you need to ask the broker (we will ask them sometimes if broker is known to me) and any other information that we require to make a decision on the business.

Once you have decided on a business to purchase:

  • When your offer has been accepted, I rework the costs of your funds required to complete the purchase
  • Detail finance options, loans structures and recommend appropriate structures and solutions for your requirements that work in with your existing loans both business and home/investment loans.
  • Compare a range of loan products from various lenders and recommend the most appropriate, with a detailed discussion on the loan conditions and covenants.
  • Assist you complete a business plan if required (cost depends on how detailed you wish to have the business plan)
  • Complete your loan application form to the lender
  • Discuss the application with the lender in depth so they know exactly what we are proposing and they can raise any concerns to be addressed prior to lodging the application with them
  • Arrange the valuation, complete the valuation checklist and arrange the required supporting documents (discuss the valuation with the valuer to ensure we gain the best possible valuation)
  • Submit the application, completed valuation and all supporting documents to the bank. If any residential property is required to support the business loan we will also arrange the refinance if necessary.
  • Advise you of the progress and update the broker so they can provide updated to the vendor that all is progressing smoothly
  • Once we have the bank approval, I’ll bring out the approval letter and security documents and go through all with you and then return it to the bank once signed.
  • Arrange for the bank to open up new business account, arrange EFTPOS terminals as required and also internet banking or any other banking products required.
  • Refer you to the appropriate professionals (if required) we have a trusted panel of both Accountants & Solicitors as required to assist you with the purchase.
  • We will arrange an obligation free consultation with a qualified financial planner to discuss your insurance requirements
  • Maintain contact with your solicitor to ensure we have a smooth settlement process.


We can assist with structuring financing solutions for your business.

If you are looking to finance a commercial property or a business purchase, call us to find out how we can help.

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    Working Capital
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Structured Repayments to suit your Cash Flow
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Quarterly repayments instead of monthly repayments
  • s3f-globe-CMYK
    Seasonal limits


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