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Home & Investment Loans
Q: To fix or not to fix?

A: How many extra repayments are you going to be able to make over the fixed rate term, as you would want to have at least this amount on variable and then fix the balance as most lenders will only allow you to pay an extra $20,000 per year on a fixed product.

Motor Vehicle and Asset Finance

Q: What is a residual?

A: A residual is a balance at the end of the finance term that needs to be paid. The residual is used if you are going to sell the asset at the end of the term and it will have a value which we match with the residual amount.

By having a residual it reduces your monthly repayments.

Self-Manged Super Funds

Q: Does my SMSF loan have redraw like my home loan?

A: No, on a SMSF loan you are not able to redraw any extra repayments you make.

Professional Services Lending

Q: We want to purchase another business, how can we fund it?

A: We can use your existing business and the new business and borrow against both to complete the purchase.

What you can borrow is calculated on the adjusted net profit of both businesses.

Medial & Pharmacy Lending

Q: I want to purchase a established practice, how much deposit do I need and how long to pay the loan off?

A: We have lenders who will lend you 100% of the purchase price, so all you need to cover is your stamp duty & fees.

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S360 Finance - South West Sydney

Sam Zammit

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S360 Finance - Central Coast

Daryl Crooks

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